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As seen on the Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" show as
the "Bedrock Shark"
Click on the pictures below to see each video segment:

Gold Rush Alaska Bedrock Shark Bedrock Shark - Multi-Ripper Bucket - Gold Rush

The below video was filmed by our associate in Mexico

LEA, Inc. At ConExpo 2014 Shown Below:

The below video was shot in Bulgaria, Rodopa mountain, near the town of Kardjali, a town that is in the middle of the mountains(Rodopa). The soil layer was around 1.5 meters and the rock(relatively layered) was 1.5-2.0 meters! The owner of the machine and the operator are stunned by the performance of the bucket and this is why this customer will purchase one bucket for his back hoe in order to replace his jack hammer for this machine!
The company is SAVARONA and the name of the owner is Erol Kasim.

The below four videos were shot in Bulgaria.

The below video is from our partners in Mexico - A great video showing the backhoe Multi-Ripper Bucket!

To read an article in "Construction Equipment Guide" magazine about this, please click this sentence.

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